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Letter from NJ Govenor Corzine

Dear Friends:

It is my pleasure to extend warm greetings to everyone gathered for The Luca John Foundation’s Annual Golf Outing.

The loss of an infant is extremely difficult to bear; so many questions result from this unsettling reality. After losing their son to skeletal dysplasia, Kevin and Nicole Baranowski have set up The Luca John Foundation. In its mission to fuel and support the necessary genetic research, this foundation also provides the support for families who are affected by this devastating disease.

While skeletal dysplasia diagnosis can be an overwhelming event and the challenges presented through this illness are unique, your interest in supporting genetic research offers hope for everyone affected and increases the quality of life for children living with all forms of this rare disease.

Best wishes for a most memorable event. It is only through the concern and commitment of individuals like you that we hope to build a new and brighter future for all citizens.

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