How We Help

The Luca John Foundation is a New Jersey based 501c(3) charity, is dedicated to supporting grieving families in need. We provide financial assistance for funeral expenses for children who have passed away 12 months of younger regardless of cause, as well as emotional support. As one of the only national non-goverment funded organizations that specifically deals with financial assistance for infant loss we understand the unique situation you are experiencing.

American Warrior Society Podcast

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The Empty Crib

Kevin and Amanda are two parents who both experienced the loss of infant children. On The Luca John Foundation‘s new podcast, they share their stories, invite guests to share their experiences with infant loss, and help their listeners navigate their grief, heal their hearts, and give them hope. 

It has been nearly 15 years since we founded the Luca John Foundation. It has been an absolute privilege to serve the hundreds of families throughout the country, who have come to us for financial and emotional support during their time of grief. This year we aim to assist over 200 families with funeral expenses for their infant children.

Entering our 15th year has given us time to reflect back with gratitude and look ahead with renewed hope. Nickie and I know what it’s like to lose an infant child, and it does our hearts good to be able to support others who experience this particular kind of loss. It also inspires us to see the families we help reaching out to support other families. In this way, the foundation has truly taken on a life of its own. Together with our donors, sponsors, volunteers, and participating families, we have generated a national network of support for grieving families. Losing our son was a loss that cannot be put in words, but his life and legacy now lays within this foundation. In a way he grows, as this foundation grows. His name is echoed in places we would have never imagined. What can we say but thank you.



have received assistance from The Luca John Foundation. This is an excess of $200,000 in bereavement assistance. Our family features share the stories of some of our families, honoring the memories of those lost, while providing hope for others who may be facing a similar tragedy.