What kinds of assistance are available?

The Foundation can assist families financially with the cost of basic funeral expenses, and/or headstone where funding is available. The Foundation does not guarantee funding for the full amount is available but we strive to not leave any funding left for families where there is a need.

The Luca John Foundation also has a Live Grief Network where affected families can speak with others who have experienced a similar loss. Additionally, some participating families are also available to talk on the phone and meet live where available.

Is there an application for bereavement assistance?

Yes. Applications can be completed electronically on our Assistance page. 

What additional paperwork is required?

All candidates must certify that they meet the financial requirement set forth in the application. For example, families should be prepared to provide a copy of the previous year’s Federal Tax Form.

Additionally, applicants are required to submit a copy of the death certificate, or similar document certifying the infant loss, as well as a copy of the invoice/contract from the funeral home.

How recent must a death be in order to be funded?

We work best when intervening early enough to where a family is still in the hospital prior to selecting a funeral home.

If a family is submitting an application post services being performed (except headstone requests) they are looked at on an individual case basis.

Are there age restrictions when qualifying for assistance?

Yes. The child in question must be 12 months or younger. However, there are no gestational limitations regarding age.

Is your bereavement assistance dysplasia contingent?

There is no criteria on which Causes of Death get funded, so long as the age requirements are met.

Are there any geographic limitations to your scope of operation?

Yes. While The Luca John Foundation continues to be the ONLY truly National Non-Profit to offer bereavement and burial assistance, we are limited to serving families within the United States.

How do you disperse funds?

All funds are sent directly to the funeral home or cemetery. No checks are sent to the family.

How quickly are funds processed?

For funeral expenses, once the paperwork is in hand, we will have approval/denial within 24 hours.

Headstone assistance approval/denial can be expected in up to five business days.

How long has the Foundation been around?

The Luca John Foundation was founded in November of 2006.

How many families have you helped?

The Luca John Foundation has assisted hundreeds of families across the United States.

How do I get involved to help the foundation?

The Luca John Foundation is a volunteer-based organization. As such, we are always looking for good people to help us with administration, family support, fundraising, events, and more.

Click the link below to go to our volunteer information page.

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