At The Luca John Foundation, support means hope,

hope means possibility, and possibility means progress.

By volunteering with the Foundation, you are supporting our progress while helping to give hope to families touched by skeletal dysplasia.

By volunteering with the Foundation, you will be joining a top rated non-profit that has been providing services to grieving families for over 15 years. Volunteering with Luca John means supporting our progress through providing hope and making a difference to families at their most devastating time. You will help a national cause; work with talented volunteers in a rewarding non-profit organization while using your professional expertise and personal skills; meet a tremendous group of like-minded volunteers and create lasting relationships; share your expertise with others and deepen your connection with your community; keep your skills sharp by applying them in the nonprofit sector and boost your resume and portfolio and stand out from others in your field.

The Luca John Foundation offers volunteer opportunities for college students, professionals and retirees. We pride ourselves on providing positive experiences in an assortment of professional areas, including supportive counseling and case management services, human resources, marketing, as well as management and leadership roles. This allows volunteers to contribute enormously to the Foundation’s programs.

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Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and select the position you are applying for from the dropdown box. Don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself and your interests and what brings you to apply at the Luca John Foundation. 


Step 2:

Hit “Send”, kick back and relax! Generally, applicants can expect a replay within a week of submitting their letter of interest.
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*all position are remote

Executive Director

The Executive Director is a volunteer position in The Luca John Foundation. This position manages all aspects of the work being done in the state. They will ensure foundation goals are being met. Some of their responsibilities include managing a team of volunteer so it has the following tasks:

Calling hospitals in region and explaining The Nationwide Grief Network · Setting up foundation “Chapters” at regional hospitals · Increasing donations to The Luca John Foundation in region, by way of donation tins, direct mail, corporate sponsorships, the “Our Company Cares” Program, Dine for a Cause and other donation campaigns · Calling radio, television and print medias in order to get press coverage of The Luca John Foundation · Being the first point of contact for medical grants in your region · Being a point of contact in your region for families involved in, or interested in The Luca John Foundation Grief Connection · Complying with direction from The Luca John Foundation on corporate initiatives · Holding the highest standards of ethics and integrity · Providing status of activities via the foundation CRM system.

Appeals Director

The Appeals Director is in charge of designing and implementing the fundraising strategy to financially support the Foundation. This role will have to work in close collaboration with the Marketing manager and other team members.

The Appeals Director is responsible for building a fundraising strategy in close collaboration with the Executive Director and the Marketing Manager. Writing such strategy entails:

  • identifying and targeting diverse potential donors such as Corporates, Big donors, Foundations, grants from public organizations, crowdfunding, etc.
  • designing the LJF’s “case for support” and fundraising goals in close collaboration with the Marketing Manager;
  • benchmarking some crowdfunding platforms such as classy.orgkickstarter.com, etc.

The Appeals Director is also responsible for:

  • implementing a donors stewardship program in collaboration with the Executive Director;
  • organizing donors data collection within all Foundation’s activities;
  • automatizing sollicitations, track pledges and donations with the Salesforce CRM in collaboration with our Salesforce Expert;
  • searching and applying for grants.

Fundraising Volunteers

This position would be responsible for collecting donations and speaking with people about The Luca John Foundation and what we do. This position would require the individual to call companies, and ask for monetary as well as product donations, as well as assist our chapters and member families.

Family Support Counselors

This position works with families that have recently suffered the loss of an infant child. They will work with the family, funeral home and medical institution to provide full support to the family in the immediate aftermath of the death of their infant.

This volunteer also assists families in completing the application and getting the required paperwork together to be eligible to receive funds and take full advantage of the services The Luca John Foundation offers.

Marketing Volunteers

The marketing volunteer works with the foundation to design and put together our marketing material including our event notifications, donation programs and drives. This individual should have experience with multiple marketing media and be able to help articulate layout and copy to deliver impactful collateral to help drive support of the foundation.

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Testimonials from Volunteers

To volunteer with The Luca John Foundations means helping families during their most devastating times and really making a difference, and making a difference in the lives of others is what volunteering is all about.

Marissa Grosso, Volunteer Manager

The Luca John Foundation is something that I wanted to get involved with because I believe they found something a lot of people never thought of but is something that could be so impactful that it’s hard to not believe in. People who lose a child so young and so early on shouldn’t have to worry about finances when they’re grieving. I love what the Luca John Foundation has done because they help people who need it most”

Nicholas Salerno, Marketing Volunteer

I want to thank you for helping people in need…and for helping my family through some hard times…thanks

Zina P, Volunteer Manager

I wanted to volunteer with the Luca John Foundation to do what I love most, which is helping others whenever possible. I love volunteering here because it’s given me a sense of belonging, and I’ve been connected with other wonderful volunteers with the same passion and goals as my own. 

Liv Damski, Case Manager

Through life’s battles and years of volunteering in pediatric oncology, I have seen the toll a
grave diagnosis can have on families. Some may be forced to grieve before their child or loved one has even passed. In the midst of trauma, the last thing they should have to worry about is how to pay for a funeral. That is why I was drawn to the mission of the Luca John Foundation. We relieve the financial burden and go beyond, providing emotional support and a listening ear. The foundation truly cares about each person who reaches out and I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with them. Sadly, in life everyone experiences grief, some earlier and sooner than our minds can fathom, like losing a child. I know I cannot repair a parent’s heartache but through the Luca John Foundation, I hope to make their wound a bit more manageable.

Elizabeth O'Grady, Case manager

My daughter recently had a baby girl and unfortunately she was diagnosed with hydrocephaly. Jah’nai was only born with a brain stem and passed away a month later. My daughter is a teenager and I am unemployed at the present. We couldn’t have any life insurance put on her because of her age and conditions. In communication with the funeral home they told me about the Luca-John foundation. Kevin is a very compassionate man and understood the troubles I was having in trying to provide the best burial for my granddaughter. After speaking with Kevin he MADE SURE that he told me about the foundation and what it stands for. I was so thankful and grateful that the foundation was able to pay for my granddaughters burial. I truly thank the foundation for their support.


When I lost my son Micah Eli at full term, my world crumbled. How would I ever deal with this loss? Let alone, having a burial and finding a headstone for my son. However, at the hosptial I was placed in touch with the Luca John Foundation who helped me and my family acquire a beautiful headstone for my son. I was so grateful for what they were able to do for us and by the looks of it, for so many other amazing families who have shared in a similar situation. This gave us such peace of mind. THANK YOU!


Seeing how our foundation has grown over the past 8 years makes me so proud to call Luca my son!!!!! He has helped so many families and it makes my heart so happy!!!


I want to thank you for helping people in need…and for helping my family through some hard times…thanks


Supporting my friend, Jessica, who gave birth five years ago to beautiful Isabella. Isabella left this world shortly after her birth, yet her spirit lives on. I was unable to make it to Isabella’s celebration today, but wanted to show my love to Jessica and other families who have lost a child.


Wow, I don’t know if I can put into words, how much Luca John helped our family. We were devastated to find out I was going to lose my first grand daughter, our hearts were broken. I reached out to anyone and everyone that would listen about anything regarding my grand daughters illness. Lethal Skeletal Dysplasia.
It is such a rare disease. The Luca John Foundation reached out to me and my daughter and gave us answers to so many unknown questions. When my daughters boyfriend found out that the baby was not going to survive he left her alone to deal with this tragedy. She was a single mom of a little boy at the time and knowing carrying this baby to term could kill her, she continued but could hardly work. The Luca John Foundation kept in contact with her and followed her condition, and after care. They also took care of getting our precious little angel a head stone she probably still wouldn’t be able to have. My hearts and prayers go out to them and all the families they have helped and hopefully will continue to help. God Bless them


I selected the option “client served” , as it was the best that suited my needs! It was actually my sister that inquired. With that said, I want to thank LJF for the help they provided. She had searched high and low to find assistance with other groups….they all failed. NOBODY anticipates something like this happening to their child, therefore you don’t plan for it! It is a bittersweet moment and again thank you for your help.