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Every company has a civic duty. That duty can involve charity work, logging pro bono hours, corporate donations or event sponsorships. Like many Non-Profits we need funds to maintain our mission. The greatest contributors are most often companies.

Your company can play a direct part in helping families at their greatest time of need, and further potential life-saving research.

The greatest return on investment is making a difference. Join us, and together we can.

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The “Our Company Cares” program is allows a business to make a continued contribution to aide families in need and fund much-needed research. When a company enrolls in “Our Company Cares”, they donate a portion of proceeds generated from a specific product, or series of products, branded with the foundation’s logo and messaging, showing consumers that each purchase directly benefits grieving families and supports life-saving research.

This program is designed to satisfy! The Great Cookie Cause is a tasty option for food service businesses that offer cookie deserts on their children’s menus. Much like the “Our Company Cares” campaign, companies donate a portion of the profits generated from qualifying foodstuffs to the foundation.

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The foundation’s in hospital chapter programs and services aid families that lose an infant child or have a child that is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

The value for families and hospitals in having a chapter of The Luca John Foundation is the ability to have a helping hand in treatment and loss. Companies have the ability to donate time, money and products to our chapters that can assist with airfare, hotel stays, meals and items. All funds and products received at a chapter are dedicated to assist grants and children at that particular chapter only.

The chapters can also accept hotel vouchers, airline tickets, books, clothing, toys and other items that will help children and families being served at chapter hospitals. Since many children receive medical treatment out of state, the cost of care not only includes medical bills but also other incidentals. The chapters of the Luca John Foundation work to minimize these expenses.

The Luca John Foundation also offers events and items that help brighten the lives of children at hospitals, such as holiday parties, children’s books for a library, toys for a nursery, movie days, and more.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in learning more about The Luca John Foundation’s In Hospital Chapter Program.

Corporate Sponsors have a large impact on the amount of good work we can do. The following companies have made a commitment to The Luca John Foundation in assisting those we serve.


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